Use IE7pro to Save an entire webpage as an image

The function "Save current tab to images..." can saves the entire webpage (not just what is visible on screen) as a picture, with various formats available(png , gif, jpg , tiff , bmp). The file's width is identical to the width of IE's viewing area (i.e. approximately 20 pixels narrower than the window).

For example , if you want to save http://www.yahoo.com webpage to image , you can act as below:

1 open http://www.yahoo.com in your ie7 browser .

2 click ie7pro button on ie7 status bar .

3 choose file name (Default name is the title of the webpage,such as "AOLcom - Welcome to AOL") and file type (png , gif, jpg , tiff , bmp) to save the picture .

Now you can see the whole picture of


Winston's Attic: Internet Explorer 7 a major improvement but still lacking some features

Don’t get me wrong. I agree Internet Explorer 7 (IE 7) is a vast improvement over its predecessor but I still feel that Microsoft failed to include what I consider some essential features – many features found in its competitors. When I say competitors, I am referring to Mozilla’s Firefox and Opera web browser. Here are some things I would have wanted to see included in IE 7, including: ad blocking, download manager, spell checker and mouse gestures.

I understand that many websites host ads in order to support themselves. But, I am not very fond of viewing a website where 50% of the screen is filled with flash animation, sponsor links, marquees and ads for Viagra. At best, it clutters the webpage and, at worst, a visitor might inadvertently click on a sponsor link which leads them to a drive by download site. There are a number of free third party software which adds content blocking. I recommend CyberGuard’s Webwasher Classic. Webwasher cleans a webpage of its banners, animations, scripts and popup windows. As an added bonus it provides excellent cookie management – users can filter out third party cookies. There are other free add-ons, including: IE7Pro and Reify’s Turnabout. Both of these products integrate themselves in to IE 7 and add itself to the menu bar.

Have you ever started a download and, just as it was 99% completed, you lost the connection to the Internet? You ended up losing everything and having to start from scratch. Well, you don’t ever have to suffer this tragedy again. Download managers can speed up downloads as well as resume downloads which were inadvertently disconnected. Both Firefox and Opera come with their own download managers. In addition, both web browsers can enhance their download managers with add-on (e.g. Firefox’s FlashGot extension). Internet Explorer 7 does not have its own download manager but there are a number of free download managers which can integrate themselves in to IE 7. Even better, most of them have click tracking. By just clicking on a download link, the download manager automatically launches and begins downloading. I recommend using Free Download Manager, a free third party add-on with no adware or any other non sense. Other good alternatives include: LeechGet, GetRight and WellGet. Both LeechGet and WellGet are freeware while GetRight is shareware. WellGet is no longer being developed.

I think many web users under appreciate the value of a good spell checker. It comes in handy when you want to write a comment for a post or write a message. Firefox 2.0 is the first version to offer an integrated spell checker. In the case of IE 7, users can install ieSpell, a free add-on which provides spell checking just a click away.

Mouse gestures allow a user to navigate the web without using the navigation toolbar. Usually, a user holds down a predefine mouse button and drags the mouse. For example, holding down the right mouse button and dragging to the left reloads the previous webpage. Another example, holding down the right mouse button and drawing a line through a link opens the link in a new tab. Both Firefox and Opera have a mouse gesture feature. In Firefox, you need to add the mouse gestures extension while Opera has one built in. IE 7 users can also enjoy the benefits of mouse gestures by using Unhsolution’s Easy Go Back.

IE 7 has a decent RSS reader but users can install Windows Live toolbar which adds greater RSS feed discovery and management. In addition, Windows Live toolbar has a decent auto form filler. My favorite Windows Live add-on is Onfolio; it allows users to save cache copies of web content on to the hard drive for offline viewing. Users can create folders to organize these “clippings.”

In conclusion, IE 7 is a vast improvement over IE 6 – it only took Microsoft 5 years to develop – but there is room for improvement. There are a number of third party add-ons which can improve on an already decent web browser.


CyberNotes: Do more with Internet Explorer 7

Now that Windows Vista has been released (read our review) I expect to see the number of Internet Explorer 7 users begin to increase. A majority of those users will have previously used Internet Explorer 6 as their primary browser, and I suspect that many of those people will enjoy the changes that they find.

I prefer to use Firefox or Opera myself, but I have become accustomed to the community that surrounds those browsers and therefore find it hard to break away from either of them. One thing that wouldn’t hold me back from using IE 7 is a lack of features, because it has quite a few nice additions that take their browser to the next level. Not only that, but you can get add-ons that do even more like restoring your tab session after a crash, blocking ads, integrating mouse gestures, and adding RSS notifications.

Here are some of my favorite add-ons available for Internet Explorer 7:

–Find As You Type (Homepage / Mirror [version 1.1])–
This add-on we have actually written about before, but I find it to be such a necessary feature in other browsers that I had to include it in this list. Basically, it will let you search for words on a website instantly while you type them.

It is very similar to Firefox’s “Find as you Type” feature. In Firefox this can be initiated by pressing an apostrophe if you don’t have this feature enabled to automatically start while you type. In Opera you can use this feature by pressing the period (”.”) key and then typing your search term.

–IE7pro (Homepage / Mirror )–
If you use Internet Explorer on a regular basis then you’ll probably find this extension to be unbelievably useful. It has all of the best features that people talk about loving the most in other browsers, such as mouse gestures and ad blocking. These are just some of the customization options that you’ll find in the add-on:

The other thing that you’ll notice is that the add-on installs an icon in the Status Bar of the browser. If you click on that little icon it will offer several different things that you can do, including refreshing the current page at a given interval or saving the site to an image file (it automatically scrolls the entire site to create the screenshot). Here is what that menu looks like:

–Feeds Plus (Homepage / Mirror)–
Microsoft did a nice job of integrating RSS into Internet Explorer 7, but they could have still taken the extra step to add some features to make it even more useful. The IE RSS team must have had some things that they just couldn’t fit into the final release though, because they too have developed their own add-on.

You can group your feeds into folders and then browse all of the news contained in that folder, making it much easier if you have a large number of feeds that you read. It also adds a notification popup to notify you when there are new feed items!

There are actually more add-ons for Internet Explorer than you probably think. When I started looking around I was surprised to see the things available that add a lot of the features people boast about in other browsers. Of course, one of the biggest reasons that people use other browsers is because of the security vulnerabilities that are constantly being found in Internet Explorer, and unfortunately there is no add-on to fix that problem.

Internet Explorer 7 is still not my browser of choice, but it is leaps and bounds better than the previous versions that were offered. Now that Vista is shipping on all new computers it will be interesting if that impacts Internet Explorer’s market share for the better, or if it will continue to decline as people search for other browser alternatives. I can’t wait to look back in a few years to see how browsers have evolved to meet the demand of users turning to more and more online services to get things done.

Mouse gestures addon|plugin for Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and 7

Opera software was the pioneer of navigation of web browser/web pages using mouse gestures. If you are still stuck with Internet Explorer and for some reason cannot upgrade to Opera or even Firefox (which has a plugin) specially if you in a corporate environment, there are two plugins/addons available for Internet Explorer dependng on what version you are using:

1) For Internet Explorer 6, you can use this free addon called Mouse gestures for Internet Explorer which can be dowloaded here. Most of the gestures are triggered by dragging the mouse with right button down. You can also associate a keyboard shortcut with a mouse gesture.

2) For Internet Explorer 7, there is an add-on called IE7Pro which can be installed on Windows XP and Vista which can be downloaded here


Great tools for Internet Explorer: Spell check, Open last closed tab, Auto refresh and more (IE7 Add-ons)

I love IE7, but it is by no means the perfect browser. Along with every other browser out there it can be heavily customised. Here are the ones I use myself. There are loads at http://www.windowsmarketplace.com/category.aspx?bcatid=834&tabid=1

(this is also the spell checker used on the blog site when you are adding something - perhaps into the forums)IESpell is a free Internet Explorer browser extension that spell-checks text-input boxes on a Web page. It should come in particularly handy for users who do a lot of Web-based text entry (Web mail, forums, blogs, diaries). Even if your Web application already includes spell-checking functionality, this utility is faster than a server-side solution. Plus, you get to store and use your personal word list across all your applications instead of having to maintain separate ones on each application. Version 2.5.1 build 106 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

Inline Search v 1.4.3 (cf. ChangeLog) is an extremely useful free add-on for Internet Explorer that mimics Firefox's search behavior. It turns searching in a web page into a non modal research experience coupled with a find as you type facility. It integrates flawlessly into IE (version 5.5 or above), giving it that little extra that makes you a lot more efficient when you are looking for a specific piece of information.

IE7pro is an must have add-on for Internet Explorer 7, which adds lots of features and extras that make your IE easier, more useful, more secure and more customizable. Some features: Support Double click to close tab; Support mouse gesture; Support view page info and save flash/video; Support session crash recovery; Support block ADs; Support refresh Tab; Support save whole page to image; Support quick switch proxy; Support custom User Agent.Version 0.9.10 adds Web Pages Autoscroll, Enhances tabs management Emulate "Open in New Tab" in context menu when Drag & Drop url; Supports new Tab from search bar; Supports new Tab when left-click in the favorite list.

Star Downloader Free
Star Downloader is a download manager that accelerates your downloads by splitting the files into several parts and downloading them simultaneously. Download speeds are increased further by choosing the fastest mirror sites. Version 1.45 has Firefox 1.5 support and Internet Explorer Toolbar for fast searching.

IE7 Open Last Closed Tab
(functionality is also part of IE7pro)IE7 Open Last Closed Tab is a plug-in for Internet Explorer 7 that makes "Alt-X" reopen the last closed tab. This is very useful when you accidentally close a tab that you didn't mean to close. Instead of trying to find it in your browser history, you hit "Alt-X" and it automatically reopens in a new tab.

AutoRefresher for IE
(functionality is also part of IE7pro)This Internet Explorer addon automatically refreshes websites for you. You can set it to refresh your pages at custom intervals or any predefined ones. Each browser window has its own refresh control. Istaller/uninstaller are included with this package. Great for surfing Web pages that are updated often.

Microsoft Fiddler
Fiddler is a HTTP Debugging Proxy, which logs all HTTP traffic between your computer and the Internet. Fiddler allows you to inspect all HTTP Traffic, set breakpoints, and fiddle with incoming or outgoing data. Fiddler is designed to be much simpler than using NetMon or Achilles, and includes a simple but powerful JScript.NET event-based scripting subsystem. Version 1.1.9 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

Favorites Finder
How fast can you get to your favorite Web sites? Is your bookmarks list a mess? The Web sites you visit most often are a few keystrokes away using Favorites Finder. Add as many favorites as you like now; you'll be able to find them by typing a few letters from the website title, address, or folder name. No more scrolling through a long list with your mouse. Once you've filtered your favorites list hit Enter to navigate to the matching site or select from among a few matching sites. It's especially useful for those sites you're always visiting, be it an eBay listing, your webmail, or favorite blog. Favorites Finder runs right inside your Internet Explorer browser.Version 1.1.1 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.



IE7Pro - a must have add-in if you use IE7 !

One thing that I really hate about IE 7 is that whenever it crashes it doesn't bring back the URLs I was watching... and unfortunately IE7 does tend to crash much more often the Firefox !

IE7Pro add-in among other cool features has a crash recovery feature just like in Firefox :)

Finally you can return to the sites that were lost during the crash.
Download it over here