Use IE7Pro as IE Crash Recovery

Crash Recovery



Automatically restores all opened pages after a crash happened


What are Crash Recovery?


Some people would think IE 7 to be unstable, often crashing without warning or explanation when having trouble loading a page or when new e mail is arriving to a Yahoo mailbox which is open in the browser, etc. With IE7Pro , the "crash recovery" feature can restore the full crashed IE7 session. This makes IE 7 tolerable to use.


How to enable Crash Recovery


Crash Recovery is an "install and enable" feature which you will only notice right after the occasional crash. You can enable or disable Crash Recovery at "Perference" - "Settings" - "Enable Crash Recovery" .


What would happen when a crash happen .


After a crash , you can start your Internet Explorer 7 again immediately or after windows restart , and IE7Pro will ask you if you like to recover your session history . By the way , For browsing history that close normally , you can restore them from "Tab history" .

Crash Recovery



Peter said...

This crash recovery works very bad!
And "full recovery" is a lie, it only opens the crashed pages, not the full history for every tab as the crash recovery in Firefox!

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